Tiles are the decorative patina between the function of the wall and the interior form of the room. Decorative or functional, plain or patterned, simple and stylish or asymmetrical and abstract – whatever your style we can find a match.

From bathroom decoration and water proof protection to kitchen splashbacks and border trims. We have tiles to suit every room in the house and plenty of adhesive and trims to complete the look.

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We stock a wide range of splash-backs to suit your tiles, decor & colour scheme and interior design choices to compliment your decoration and furnishings.

Our splashbacks are available in a choice of materials from glass and acrylic to stainless steel.

Adhesives & Trims

Trims complete the finishing process. Our ranges of trims will fit in with your style.

Our adhesives help to prevent tile movement and promote even surfaces. We stock indoor and outdoor adhesives suitable for all types of tile.

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Tile Brands Available

British Ceramic Tiles Stocked at Tytherleigh Kitchens and Bathrooms
Classical Flagstone Tiles Stocked at Tytherleigh Kitchens and Bathrooms
Verona Tiles Stocked at Tytherleigh Kitchens and Bathrooms